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Twin lens crystal silicone mask packed in clear storage box. Extremely low volume for easy clearing, fitted with tempered glass lenses.

Spectre Clear Slicone Frameless Mask £42

 Soft silicone frame with tempered glass lens for a perfect fit. Integral 15mm wide super slim mask strap with side adjustment which is quick and simple to operate even with a single hand. 

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Ghost Black Silicone Tinted Lens Aluminium Mask £49

Aluminium frame with red tinted, tempered glass lenses. Allowing perfect colour vision beneath the water by re-intoducing the red spectrum. Black Silicone skirt ensures a perfect seal. Quick release strap is fully adjustable to suit most head sizes. 

Black Mini Atomic Frameless Mask £43.95

Small fitting compact, frameless ultra low volume silicone mask for very wide visual field. Comes packed in deluxe storage box & features a tempered glass lens.


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Uni Spring Strap £19.95

Pair of Extra Small Size heavy duty stainless steel Universal Spring Straps. Quick & easy fitting with no strap adjustments or additional buckles. Fits most standard strap fins. SIZES: XS, S, M, L & XL.
Fin Strap With Buckles £8.95

Heavy duty replacement 28mm wide fin strap with 2 quick release buckles attached to fit most types of strap fins.
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Easy Commercial Fin Straps £21.95

This pair of Large Size spring straps fit commercial style buckles and are easy to remove & use in the water with a great retaining system. Size between the attachment clips is approximately 29 cms.
Easy Fin Spring Straps Quick Release £27.95

Simple to remove & easily changed from standard fin straps to suit most popular fin models. Manufactured from rust resistant marine grade stainless steel. Distance between the centre points of the attachment lugs is approximately 31cms.
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Freedom Fins £21.50

A stylish dual material snorkelling fin with quick release buckles. A reinforced blade edge combined with dual material blade centre ensures a comfortable and highly efficient finning action when snorkelling . Ideal for use bare foot or with neoprene socks.
Velocity Fins £30

Rugged, high quality polymer open water fins with fast action quick release fin straps. Blade design ensures easy finning.
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Exocet Fins £65
The Exocet Fin  design allows water flow to channel down the centre of the fin creating a water jet giving tremendous propulsion. Exocet Fins are complete with high grade stainless steel spring straps for flexibility,  ease of use and comfort.
Commander Fins £72

High quality moulded rubber fins with long extended blade providing powerful propulsion through the water. Manufactured from a combination of three different hi-tech hard rubbers for comfort and durability. Fitted with  stainless steel spring straps for flexibility, ease of use and comfort.
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Assault Fins £44.95

High quality thermo rubber, mono constructed open water fins with high grip straps & rust resistant stainless steel shackles. Extremely tough & abrasion resistant long lasting fin, used by thousands of working divers worldwide.

Wetsuits and Thermal Suits

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OceanFlex Combi 7mm 1Pce/Overjacket/Hood

The OceanFlex 7 - 7mm suit design incorporates a new combination of Superstretch, strong GuardFlex and other neoprene's. Constructed with wrist, ankle and neck seals to minimise almost all water ingress and help maintain thermal insulation and add comfort. Manufactured with YKK zips, with corrosion free ultraslik nylon runners and teeth. Complete with Over-Jacket for extra thermal insulation and long yoke Semi Dry Hood providing unmatched comfort and maximum heat retention.
OceanFlex 7mm 1 Piece Semi Dry Suit

The OceanFlex 7mm suit  incorporates a new combination of Superstretch, strong GuardFlex and other neoprene's.  Constructed with wrist, ankle and neck seals to minimise almost all water ingress and help maintain thermal insulation and aid comfort. Manufactured with YKK zips, with corrosion free ultraslik nylon runners and teeth. Ideal for use in temperate conditions. 
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Icelandic Ultra £225

7mm one piece semi-dry suit made from comfortable ultraflex neoprene with thermally efficient and comfortable 'extend' inner lining. Comes with separate waistcoat & semi-dry hood, allowing variations to be used to suit many different water conditions. 
Icelandic 2000 £199

7mm two piece semi-dry suit made from ultraflex neoprene with 'extend' super soft inner lining, a combination which provides  superb thermal properties. Step in jacket with attached hood & offset zip to cheek with efficient semi dry seal, for extra warmth & comfort. Ultraflex smoothskin semi-dry wrist, ankle & face seals to reduce flushing effects. Zip backing panel on jacket to lessen water influx. Reinforced heavy duty melco knee pads to protect against wear & tear. 
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Atlantic Fleece Lined Undersuit £75

Manufactured from state of the art 300gsm thermo fleece material internally, combined with a 190T waterproof, durable and flexible nylon outer shell. Offers effective heat insulation.
FlexPlus 7mm Over Jacket-Shorty

Designed to be used over our OceanFlex and SeaFlex one-piece suits.. Manufactured with  rust free YKK chest zipper, superior grade superstretch neoprene and hard wearing heavy duty GuardFlex material on the chest and shoulders.


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Glow-Flex Semi-Dry Hi-Viz Hood £34.95

The Glow-Flex 7mm Super Flexible Neoprene Semi-Dry hood uses ultra bright, day glow revolutionary material paired with a soft face seal that guards against some of the harshest conditions, which can be trimmed as desired. Hi Visibility reflective panels ensure you can easily be seen in the water. 
Buccaneer 7mm Superflex Hood £27.95

The Buccaneer 7mm Hood provides amazing comfort & superior insulation levels, perfectly suited for use with a dry suit. A semi-dry face seal minimises water penetration and can be trimmed to suit the profile of your face and choice of mask.
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3mm Titanium Hood £16.50

3mm ultraflex neoprene hood with silver-plush titanium lining. Ideally suited to warmer water or summer diving also suitable for winter surface use. 
Ocean Flex 5mm Semi Dry Hood £24.50

The Beaver Ocean Flex 5mm Hood is an extremely comfy hood developed using revolutionary Superstretch neoprene. Ideally suited for moderate underwater conditions. 


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5mm Titanium Gloves £14.95

5mm thick gloves with grip dot reinforced palms, titanium silver-plush lining & velcro wrist strap. Suited to colder water diving.
Ocean-Flex 5mm Gloves £18.75

Lightweight superstretch 5mm neoprene gloves providing superb comfort & freedom of movement. Ideally suited to cooler water temperatures. Palms and fingers are coated with a extra strong honey comb dotted surface, ensuring a perfect positive grip. 
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ProFlex 5 5mm Superstretch Gloves with Kevlar £40.95

Flexible 5mm thick superstretch neoprene combined with extremely tough and durable palms and fingers reinforced with DuPont™ Kevlar® brand fibres. A glove that is extremely comfortable but also strong enough to withstand the harshest conditions beneath the oceans, ideally suited to colder water temperatures.
Dry-Flex 5mm Superstretch Gloves £18.75

Flexible Superstretch 5mm neoprene gloves ensures your hands remain extremely comfortable whilst in the water. A textured coating on the palm & fingers provides amazing grip & dexterity. 


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Arizona Semi-Dry Snorkel £15.95

All technical black semi-dry snorkel with top splashguard, lower fast acting drain adjustable mask clip, corrugated flexible silicone section ensures comfort and black silicone mouthpiece which can be simply replaced when desired.
Aqualite Flexible Snorkel £9.95

Flexible, foldable snorkel produced from super lightweight durable silicone. Perfect for diving & snorkelling when light weight equipment is essential. May also be rolled up & stored in a B.C.D. pocket when not in use. 
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California Snorkel £7.50

Light weight semi-Dry snorkel with maximum air volume intake and exhaust valve. Easy clearing, large capacity drain chamber ensures ease of operation and maximum efficiency. 
Extreme Snorkel £18.95

Semi-dry flexible snorkel with purge valve, replaceable silicone regulator mouthpiece, highly efficient top mounted splash guard & quick release attachment clip.
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Omega Snorkel £15.95

Articulated snorkel with integrated dual action purge valves, efficient inlet protection hood, easily replaceable silicone mouthpiece & fast action multi clip included for comfort .


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Explorer Knife £16.50 

8 cm pointed blade in 420 stainless steel with serrated back & line cutter. Supplied with a strong mini snap lock sheath in attractive Blue colour & 2 tie wraps which allow quick and easy attachment.

Eclipse Knife £21.95

7½ cm pointed blade with line cutter in corrosion free 420 stainless steel. Supplied complete with sturdy and attractive Blue snap lock sheath & 2 tie wraps for quick and easy mounting. 

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Marlin Knife £14.95

7cm straight blade in marine grade stainless steel with line cutter & serrated edge. Supplied with an highly versatile protective nylon sheath, which allows positioning in a convenient location.

Raptor Knife £14.50

Features light weight blade with line cutter in rust resistant 420 stainless steel. Complete with rapid action twist lock protective sheath. Also supplied with a pair of heavy duty quick release and fully adjustable rubber knife straps and two cable ties, allowing a wide choice of optional mounting positions.

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Trooper Knife With Hose Mounting £11.95

8 cm Blade in 420 stainless steel with dual blade & line cutter. Supplied complete with snap lock sheath & hose mounting kit, which allows easy access. When a standard knife mounted elsewhere may be out of reach when required.

Voyager Knife £13.95

7½ cm single sided serrated blade in rust free 420 grade stainless steel, supplied with attractive Blue coloured snap lock storage sheath & 2 tie wraps. Can be attached to lifejacket or B.C.D.

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Cutlass Dive Knife £31

14 cm blade produced using Beavers renowned specification corrosion free 420 stainless steel with half serrated blade & line cutter. Snap lock sheath & quick release heavy duty straps are also included with this attractive, convenient and useful knife.

Discovery Knife £32.95

Stealthy Black coloured Knife with an 11cm blade in corrosion resistant 420 stainless steel chisel ended blade, serrated back & line cutter. Snap lock sheath & heavy duty quick release adjustable straps are included. All the features necessary to the discerning diver.

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Sabre Multi Knife £42.95

Knife and snips with scissor action, manufactured from marine Grade 420 stainless steel. Straight and serrated edges and integral line cutter complement the 15cm long blade, hard steel cap with lanyard attachment and quick release sheath with fast action adjustable heavy duty rubber straps complete this great SCUBA diving tool. 

Rapier Knife £29.95

14 cm blade in rust resistant marine grade stainless steel with half serrated blade and line cutter. The sheath features secure snap lock mechanism with quick release heavy duty straps, for simple, quick and secure mounting. 


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Momentum M1 Mens Watch Stainless Steel Strap £124

The M1 Steel series combine Momentum®'s best-selling M1 timepiece with a custom made, solid 316L grade stainless steel bracelet, for unmatched durability and timeless style. 

Momentum® M1 Mini Watch Rubber Strap £97

Ladies Momentum M1 model 200 meter depth dive watch. A large and easily legible luminous face with contrasting black hands and indicators complete the stylish looks of this superb modern dive watch.

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Momentum M1 Mens Watch £97

Rubber Strap for optimum comfort, These straps are soft and comfortable to wear, long enough to fit over wet suits and stretch to flex with with you wrist. The vibrant colours combine with clear and concise digits to ensure that you will stand out from the crowd, displaying your passion for water sports at all times.

Momentum® Innerspace Watch Stainless Steel Strap £549

This new automatic dive watch for designed to take the demanding modern diver to new depths. The Innerspace proudly displays a stunning and dynamic curved crystal clear display with transparent rear cover revealing the precision Swiss-made movement combined with state of the art enclosed rotating bezel. Rated to a depth the equivalent of 30ATM.

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Momentum® Deep 6 Ceramic Polar Bear £179

The all new Momentum Deep 6 Polar Bear watch is an all white, stylish and modern take on the classic and best selling Momentum Deep 6 diving watch. Manufactured from solid stainless steel with a robust, scratch proof ceramic bezel and an enhanced 5 year battery cell.


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Plasma-X LED Rechargeable Lamp £289
Anodised aluminium, super efficient 660 Lumens rechargeable LED lamp with tri focus beam & safety locking switch, compact, lightweight & with an incredible burn time of over 3.5 hours at maximum power. supplied with super efficient Lithium Ion 10,400 Mha battery pack, charger, UK & European adapters. Includes protective nylon end caps,
Strato 450 Lumens LED Lamp £165
Ultra bright low power consumption,3 Watt LED lamp in a black anodised aluminium with aluminium handle and comfort wrist lanyard. Takes 6 standard (included), or rechargeable, AA size batteries, available from almost anywhere. Lightweight and tough this lamp represents great performance at a great price.2.5 hour burn time. Waterproof to 100 metres. COLOUR: BLACK.
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Vista 160 Lumens LED Torch With Bracket Clamp £59.95
Aluminium anodized torch rated to a depth of 80 metres with 160 Lumens output allowing up to 8 hours of burn time. Features a Cree LED 10 degree focus beam with a secure bracket clamp for attachment to underwater video cameras or similar devices. Takes 3 standard AAA.
Stellar Light Torch £21
Compact Blue 6 Watt dive light with twin O-ring seal, Xenon Bulb & comfortable wrist lanyard. Extra long burn time of 3 hours. Rated to a depth of 60 metres. Requires 4 standard 'C' Cell 1.5 Volt batteries. 
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Starlight LED Mask Torch £24.50
Ultra compact & super lightweight aluminium LED torch. Features an innovative patented corrosion resistant stainless steel mask attachment clip for safe & secure fastening to most mask straps.  160 lumens LED is perfect for reading gauges, slates & computers etc. Requires only a single standard 'AAA'  battery.
Halo 220 Lumen LED Torch £66
60m depth with 220 Lumen output with up to 2.5 hour burn time. Takes 3 standard AA size batteries. Lightweight and tough this light represents great performance at a great price. 
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Nova-Light Rechargeable Dive Lamp £97

Ultra bright 20 Watt, 8 degree beam, 200 lumen rechargeable dive lamp provides a clean and crisp beam of light in the darkest ocean conditions.
 Perfect as a main dive torch as the impressive 66 minute burn time and waterproof to 100 metres.

Fusion 1000 Lumens L.E.D. Torch £159

Rated to a depth of 100 Metres, this extra bright 1000 lumen LED torch, lasts for up to 5 hours. The Fusion includes 3 standard ‘C’ size batteries.


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Double Page Dive Slate £17.75
The Beaver Double Page Dive Slate features a large slate with foldable second page making it perfect for making detailed notes or advising your dive buddy. Includes a built in  dive pencil secured with a flexible heavy duty cord.
Wrist Mounted Multi Slate £13.35
Ergonomic dive slate with three opening pages to allow storage of a multitude of information. Includes pencil on elastic cord & attachment point. Designed to fit comfortably on the wrist over wet or dry suit. 
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Standard Dive Slate £7.95
 A5 sized multi use dive slate with dive pencil on elastic cord & quick release attachment clipr. SIZE: 15 x 13cm.

Pair of Dive Slate Pencils £2.50
Pair of dive slate pencils.


 Lead Shot Pouch
Heavy duty 1 Kg mesh pouch containing un-graphited lead shot for extreme comfort & flexibility.
1kg: £10.85
2kg: £21.70
3kg: £32.55

Sea Pearls Lace-Thru Lead Block
Lace-thru lead block perfectly designed for ease of use and extreme durability. Finished in a scratch resistant polymer coating which will withstand the harshest of the most demanding environments. 
10lb : £39.50
12lb : £47.40
8lb : £31.60
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Pair of Ingot Ankle Weights 0.5kg Each £24.95
Heavy duty nylon with quick and easy to use fully adjustable Side Release Buckle fastening, both sides contain approximately 0.6kg lead in the form of small ingots. 

Pair of Nylon Lead Shot Ankle Weights £30.95
Heavy duty nylon ankle weights with fast and easy action side release buckle closing. Each side contains approximately 1 Kg of un-graphited lead shot. 


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Digi-LineFinger Reel

7.5cm diameter micro reel The spool is manufactured from high grade polymer. Supplied with Rust free, stainless steel double ended bolt snap which can be used to quickly attach the line to equipment etc. 
15M - £15.25
30M - £16.95
45M - £18/95

Puffin Mini Wreck-Line Reel £39.95

Compact sized reel with over 40 metres of high strength nylon line with a breaking strain of over 80kgs. Heavy duty nylon reel with thumb operated ratchet & quick release rust-free stainless steel retaining clip. 


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Delayed Surface Marker Buoy £22.50
Heavy duty poly-vinyl buoy with weighted bottom, webbing strap, line & convenient storage pouch with attachment clips. To display diver’s location during decompression. LENGTH: 125cm, WIDTH: 15.5cm, WEIGHT: 40 Grammes including Pouch and Line. COLOUR: ORANGE.

Delayedaid Buoy £15.95
Heavy duty poly-vinyl self-sealing Surface Marker Buoy for use with our Delayed Aid Kit, product code - DA KIT. Clearly displays a diver’s location to boat cover on the surface during ascent and decompression stops. Includes a handy storage pouch for safe and convenient storage while not in use. LENGTH: 175cm, WIDTH: 17cm, WEIGHT: 15 Grammes. COLOUR: ORANGE.

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Delayedaid Reel & Buoy £59
This complete package is a clever but simple to use device designed to allow simple deployment of the delayed SMB ensuring it is an easy and fast task, it includes a Puffin Reel, DelayedAid Buoy and Fixing Kit. 

Weight Harness £49
This weight system sreads your weights and also allows a more comfortable distribution for your dive.

Noise Makers

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Aluminium Pointer Stick £10.95
Scuba Signal Rattle £19.95
High quality rust free rattle used to attract attention whilst underwater. Complete with comfort wrist lanyard to enable easy carrying whilst secured to wrist or attachment to other equipment when not required.


Beaver steel cylinder 

10 litre, 232 bar - £222
12 litre, 232 bar - £242
12 litre tall, 232 bar - £230
12 litre, 300 bar - £272
15 litre, 232 bar - £275
7 litre, 300 bar - £240